Kenia Mendoza

Kenia Mendoza


Kenia’s hard work ethic began at a very young age in Mexico when she was 7 years old. She never stopped working hard. Now her hard work, dedication, and persistence in obtaining what she wants shows in her real estate career. She works very hard with her clients to get them into their dream home.

Kenia lived in a home with her 3 siblings and her mother. She used to sell food for her mother to provide shelter for the family. At 10 years old she took care of her brothers, at 13 she reunited with both her parents moving to the US where she had the opportunity to learn English, she graduated high-school while in high school she used to work in the fields picking fruit. At 18 she got the opportunity to work as a model in a local boutique something she thought would be easy but very early she realized this would take the same work ethic everything else does. She had to keep her mind, soul and body fit. having modeling experience made it natural to apply this to every home she takes in her hands making sure she puts all the hours and time making sure your home is perfect. She went to college and received a Social Science Degree, her plan was to become a social worker to help kids reunite with their families.

After college Kenia worked in buying, renting, and flipping homes. This is when she realized Real Estate was her passion. Her experience in investing gives her the ability to be able to help and guide investors the right direction and her hard work ethic will deliver the results the client is seeking for. Kenia is always prepared and on time for you.


Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Foreclosure, Short-Sale
Language: Spanish

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